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The German Blues Magazine "Bluesnews" had this to say about the new CD.

Wally Greaney, Singer, Saxophone- and Harp player from the States gives his carrer into the traditional Chicago-, Texas- and Westcoast Blues. From three shows in 2009 between Breisgau and Allgäu he took advantage to record a live CD with his band that now is released. Its not the first CD of the band that exist since 1990, but nobody gave the band big attention yet. This is absolutely not to understand if you hear the new CD. What Uwe Herr is playing with his guitar is top quality and the rhythm section with the bass player Thomas Lipps and the in Europe living American Peter Perfido is absolutely high class. Herr, who was activ in the Cadillac Blues Band and the Rockabilly Trio Rockin`Carbonara don`t only play the necessary licks very good, no, he is playing a lot of thrilling, intelligent and funny ideas, that makes him very unique in the crowd of the good guitar players. Why this band is not in the line up of european festivals is one of the big mysteries only the music business can answer. Who wants to proove if the words I say here are right, just hear the new CD of this german-american 4 man band !
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SDCB...Back For More

"Back For More" has 13 original songs.
It's our first studio CD in Ten years.
Special guests are Joe Elliot on Keys, and Jimmy McNamara on drums.
Joe did a great job for us on this CD. The addition of keys in the band is something we want, but can't afford, "At least on the road"....yet.
Jimmy Mac also did a great job.

If You would like to purchase a CD direct, you can send a check or money order for $15.00 USA (Add $4.00 for international shipping & handling) to:
Wally Greaney
131 Pearl St.
Holyoke Mass
If you order direct you also have the option of having your CD autographed by Sweet Daddy!

Live Review
PLACE: Stratford CT
I saw this incredible band at The Big E fair in Massachusetts. We had missed Heart and were bummed and then we saw this take your breath away band and with total sincerity, enjoyed them more than I would Heart! Blown away!!! Loved loved loved them!!!

Review Back For More

Art Tapalti

If you live in Western Mass., your very familiar with harmonica ace Wally Greaney, AKA Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze. Whether it was his work as singer and harp-master in the local blues band King Cod and the Blues Sharks decades ago or his spirited Chicago styled blues from his current band Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze, Greaney is one player you should not miss. He’ll be quick to tell you that he began playing harmonica in high school way back in the early 1970s, not the most popular instrument choice in the days of heavy metal. But Greaney persevered and gracefully outlasted every musical trend by playing pure blues. The CD opens with Big Sea Of The Blues, his personal acceptance of 30 years on the blues road. Wally will tell ya, Ain’t nothing wrong with being a small fish in the big sea of the blues. That foot tappin shuffle turns into the hard blues on Come Love Me Shoes. Immediately these two opening cuts spotlight the 18 year partnership between Greaney and guitarist Mark Easton. Most notable is how sympathetic each listens. Easton lays understated Delta chording while Greaney sings or plays. When Easton solos, Greaney underlines the musical story with a cool harmonica groove. Greaney also plays tenor sax on the jazz-blues Doin What We Choose. Within these 13 original songs, Greaney also included a timeless piece of his personal history, Frank G. Rohan Blues. This was the first song Greaney wrote as a freshman way back in Holyoke High School and its vice principal, Rohan. From cutting classes to smoking in the parking lot to drinking, Greaney recalls everyone’s high school experience. Easton pulls out his dark electric slide on the Delta bluesy Likin Stick, a song you might want to listen to with the teenagers in the car because they’ll quickly figure out that this likin stik is his harmonica. By the end of the disc, Greaney and the band are ready to boogie and Boogie Time is a perfect fit. A quality recording by a quality guy. art tipaldi.

The CD is also available at : http://www.cdbaby.com/sweetdaddy
along with my previous CD,
" Blowin' Down The House".

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Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze,
"Back For More"
pink jimi photon

Hot Damn.
"Small Fish" kicks off this killer album. The first thing my musician's ears notice is the warm organic tone of the harp, a fat rich warm classic tone that almost reminds me of a saxophone.
There is no disputing Wally's mastery of the Blues Harp/Fender Bassman combination, an extension of his voice, personality and soul.
Easton of course is in his usual impeccable form, the rythym section is swingin and Wally's humour...and Mark's - shine...I loved the transition into the second track, Easton's "Come Love Me Shoes" ....Wally Greaney's impassioned vocal on this track is a perfect example of what this man can do....the slow heavy funk dripping from the deepest wells of his world weary soul as only he can.
The interplay between all four is amazing, and Wally's fills are bloody perfect. In my opinion this is how slow blues should sound.
I can't get over the sound of Wally's harp, it sounds freekin' real, just like all the times I've had the pleasure to hear him live. All I can say is organic, textural.... RIGHTEOUS.
To say the least, the production values are killer, the amount of effort these guys put into this album really shows.
Next up, another Easton song, "No More Tears", a truly classic and mournful minor key number, building slowly and tangibly to a slow burn.Wally's vocals are unearthly at times, dripping from the heartful of soul he's aqquired in his short span on this earth.
I have to state that while always a fine singer, Wally's vocals have improved so much these last few years as to be astonishing. He and Mark have played together for so long I honestly thought it was Mark singing many of these songs. They are like one organism, the way they've rubbed off on each other stylistically. Mark Easton has always been one of my favorite singers, and comparing Wally to him is a heartfelt compliment to both.
Now Mark;
You really get the feeling that he's lived thru his blues...but his rock roots shine also in his Jimmy Page-esque production values. This guitar solo on this song is PERFECT in every respect...feel...tone...attitude...I've played with Mark for about 20 years now myself in various projects and bands, and I'll tell ya what.... Mark just gets better with every beat of that amazing heart. I know guitar playing, and this guy is THE bomb.
Next up a nice upbeat shuffle, "Too High To Drive", classic swingin' blues. Joe Elliot's keyboards add a nice flavour to the Sweet Daddy sound, and give Wally a little more freedom to blow...and blow he does, he'll blow down yo' house, he'll knock you on yo' ass with his tasty and driving chops on this one.
And then when Easton's tele enters for a masterful 4 bar solo.... killer! another chorus and E's back at it.
And then the classic Hollywood splash.
Next song, next style.
"Blues Is Fun".
And ya know they be havin' fun with this song, from the killer slidework to the crunchy chorus. Great Classic Tone on Mark's guitar. This song sounds fun,IS fun, bet it's a gas to play too.
Then Wally comes in with some ECHO!!KEWL!!!!!
Mark Easton's production is killer, and on every song Wally's harp has completely different timbres.
How often do ya hear somebody say THAT?
And NO cat skinnin' tone here either.
And E playing SLIDE!!!!!
Back in the day that was a rarity.....
sounds so good I wish he'd do it some more.
(Can't wait to get in his studio myself...)
"Doin' What We Choose"...a nice mid tempo...well, quick mid tempo shuffle, nice solo from Wally on his sax.
Again, the keys are the nice extra you wish you could hear a little more often in this band.
It's a real shame more keyboard players didn't learn the classic B3 sound and style. Joe has got it.
The transparency of the 6V6 pentodes's in his Hammond Organism are glowing in thermionic harmony adding colour to Mark's simple and tasty solo.Ya can hear the splash of the reverb on the B3 when Wally's solo starts, the Leslie spinning colours in the backdrop for Wally to paint on....
I love a good Hammond, and this sounds good to me, people. It's not easy to record a Hammond correctly, to capture that spinning glass vibe, but it's positively NAILED here! There's a special artistry involved in playing the rotary speaker and the B3 as one, and Joe has GOT IT. Damn good Blues, hope someday Wally can nab this guy for the ensemble.
Next up, Eddie Humber's "Let's Rock", a ROCKNROLL SONG! Talk about a curve ball.....but these guys can pull it off effortlessly. It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I gives it a 10!
This could be a dancehall anthem..... Ya know, the stylistic hats these guys keep exchanging will knock ya out. Every song sounds different , a different style and they all sound like these guys are masters of the bag the song come out of. They've come a long way from their Roots at La Boca in Middletown, CT!!
Next, Wally's "Frank G. Rohan" blues, a song Wally wrote when in school about his principal.
The blues ain't nothing if not autobiographical...and ain't this the blues...Wally even brings down the band in the background so he can tell his story ...too classic. I remember Kenny Johnson used to be a master of this back in the Valley Blues days...
what kills me, is that Wally's story reminds me of my youth, it's pretty funny we all survived that time period!
Ya can almost picture Wally standing in the spotlight testifying....or in the Hotseat outside the principal's office.
Hot damn.
And what a funny story he tells....you've gotta hear it! Fast times at Holyoke High....
I'm sure his home base following will love this!
And then
you in the delta....
slide guitar slicing licks across the blackness of the sky......
thr unmistakable sound of the Hohner harp ...
Wally makin' it talk, Mark answering every lick.
Wally singin' about his "Likin' Stick", his voice rising to a howl. Of note this song is just Mark and Wally.(Sometimes you can see them like this billed as the "Raw Daddy Duo".)
And I'll tell ya what, that's all ya needs sometimes.
Eddie Humber shares a songwriter's credit on this song also.
Nice job, I can listen to this all day long....the fade out is particularly nice, a REAL fadeout for a change.SWEEEEEEEEET!
Put on yo' dancin' shoes, pretty mama, cuz Mark's "NIN Ain't The Blues" will have you wanting to leave your seat! If ya have kids that dig that alt rock thing, you'll especially appreciate this song, I think.
Kicks that s*** right in the head...I know Mark's son, who is also a gifted musician, and can visualise this song as it must have gone down.
This is Mark's only Lead Vocal on the album, but what a track! Easton testifies like no other.
What a killer cat!
Twisted "sense of yuma", awesome guitars and vocals...what can ya say!
Now, time to "Lighten Up", a classic 50's-ish rock-n-blues song.
Killer Vocals by Sweet Daddy Wally, and a Classic rock-n-roll bridge...bet John Lennon woulda LOVED this song. Just good old classic rock-n-roll...with some classic Easton twists, of course!
E's rock & roll guitar roots really shine on this album in places.
Nice Augmented Chord on the turn around E!
....Wonder where ya got that one from!!!
The ride out of the song becomes the almost classic the I-IV 60's style space jam... Sweet Daddy in space!!!!!!!
Just then Wally kicks up the sonic gumbo a notch with his classic sounding Boogie, "Boogie Time".
The boys are really smokin' it up on this song.
You 'd be surprised how difficult it is to keep a boogie at this tempo!!
You can feel the tubes in Wally's Bassman on this one really strong...instead of going for the usual pyrotechnics-wamma-jamma-style Wally opts for classic tasty licks and tricks with a fat ass cheeky tone that's hard to beat ...ya can almost feel him run outta steam by the end as the song winds down.
Visual AND visceral Blues!
Finishing off the album is Mark's "You Gonna Miss Me",
a nice piano based number with some really nice mouthy harpwork on the lead in done by wah wah Wally.
Then Mark starts singing,or so I thought...but it's NOT Mark, it's Wally, and he's singin' his heart out.... the satisfied weary king of the blues making his ammends and saying goodbye..
put some scratches and pops on this and muddle up the midrange, and ya could be listening to a 78 almost.
Wally's overblown accoustic harp playing is stellar on this. The differences in tone he can achieve from a harp are simply amazing.
The last song wrapped up on this album, so I'm gonna wrap it up too. In my humble opinion, this album ranks straight 10's across the boards and is a vital and worthy addition to any blues lover's record collection.
This is undeniably Sweet Daddy's Finest work to date and I've gotta hand it to him and Mark. You can close your eyes and it's like being there....But I still feel Live is the idiom to experience Sweet Daddy....as Strong as this album is , it still not as swingin' as Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze live.
But isn't that the way a good band SHOULD be? All of the best bands are always better live, a feast for the senses, and I must say These cats will DEFINATELY have ya comin' "Back For More"!
(As a side note, Mark was killing me after I wrote this, saying how folks were gonna think they payed me to write this. Not true at all, tho' ca$$h is good!! Plain and simple, this album SMOKES, people. The Mofo is so humble he get's uncomfortable with good reviews...Ain't that the Blues, Baby!)
Barry (Mark's Brother) is the stellar drummer swingin it all by the tail of the beat,
with the able swingin' pulse provided by the inimicable Eddie Humber on the Fender Bass.
Joe Elliot on keys..Wally, you should HIRE THIS GUY!!
And Jimmy "McSwing" Mc Namara round out the stellar cast of players.
All I can say is
Jimi Pocius
pink jimi photon
Jimi Pocius is leader of the CT classic rock cover bands Voodoo Justice and Smokin' Herb.

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