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SDCB Testifies @ the L&M Bar

Some MORE Photos of SWEET DADDY and Friends

SDCB & Sammy Meyers
"SDCB & Sammy Meyers"
"S.D. & Lonnie Brooks & Luther Guitar Jr Johnson"
SDCB & Mark Easton w/ John Hall
"SDCB & Mark Easton w/ John Hall"
The Blues Stalker
The Blues Stalker
John Kay & Friends
"John Kay & Friends"
SDCB & Eddie Shaw
S.D. & Eddie Shaw
SDCB & Kim Wilson
Wally & The Best Blues Harp Player In The World Today. Kim Wilson
SDCB & Johnny
"SDCB & Johnny "Clyde" Copeland"
SDCB & Matt
"SDCB & Matt"Guitar"Murphy"
SDCB & Rock Bottom
Wally & The Late Rock Bottom
SDCB & Popsy
"SDCB & Popsy" At the Blue Monday Freiburg Germany
SDCB w/Holmes Bro.In Freiburg Germany
"SDCB w/Holmes Bro.In Freiburg Germany "
SDCB with Tommy Whalen & Ragged Edge
Tommy Whalen & Ragged Edge
Sweet Daddy and the HouseCat
Sweet Daddy and the HouseCat
In Loving Memory Of Robert Johnson
In Loving Memory of Robert Johnson

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