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Some Photos of
on Tour
2008 and 2006

Live In Gremany & France 2008

"Sweet Daddy" is back from his tour in Europe.
Here are a few photo's from two shows in Germany.

Thomas Lipps on Bass Guitar

Uwe Herr on Guitar & Peter Perfito on Drums

"Sweet Daddy" on Sax

"Sweet Daddy" on Harmonicas

What a great band. Uwe Herr, Thomas Lipps, & Peter Perfito.


Wally Greaney - harp, sax, vocals
Uwe Herr - guitar
Thomas Lipps - bass
Torsten Neumaier - drums

Festival In Leutkirch Germany

Fest. In St. Peter Germany

Fest.In St. Peter Germany

Thomas on bass Just having fun

"Sweet Daddy" & Uwe Herr Groovin

Wally & Torsten

Uwe, Wally & Thomas. It's All Good

Blasing Uwe

Torsten Neumaier on drums

We had a day off and went to the race track. This is Michael Lipps asking Wally if he like a ride

Wally looks a little surprise

Going about 160 M.P.h.

Wally asking if this is all you got

Check Out Michaels Website

This is Mannie & Thomas & Wally in the middle. "Some Big Boys" Mannie cooked us dinner this night. What a great cook he is. WOW !!

Race car Michael and his wife

Mannie & His Wife.

Photos at Club Wein-Hop In Reinheim Germany

Club Keisceller In Aschau Germany


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that will


Greetings from Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze.

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